Critique Services

Spots available! I can help you take your manuscript to the next level. I offer a number services for YA, NA, or MG novels (all genres) as well as a variety of others, ranging from read and responds to full critiques. Use the contact page for a quote, details, and/or to reserve your spot! 

Gift cards/gifted spots available! Critiques make great presents.

Note: I don’t critique erotica, even Steamypunk, because I just don’t have the expertise. I’m also not the best person for your picture books and non-fiction.

Submission Package–$50

I will read and line-edit your query, synopsis (up to eight pages double spaced), and your first three chapters. I will also give you additional feedback on characters, plot, pacing, pitch ideas, etc, to polish your submission package for querying or contesting. (I will also read your query and synopsis a second time for free.) One to two week turnaround.

Read and Respond

I will read and reply with a full report on your manuscript (or partial). This will include detailed feedback on characters, pacing, plot, what worked and didn’t work, what’s satisfying to the reader, etc. This will give you a blueprint for edits and help take your manuscript to the next level. Note: These are summary/overview notes and do not include in-line or chapter-by-chapter edits, however, I will reference specific chapters as needed. If there’s something particular that you need help on or want me to look for let me know so that I can help you with that, too. There’s generally a two to four week turnaround, though I can work with you if you’re on a deadline.

Under 40,000 words — email for quote, generally $25-$75
40,000-70,000 words — $100
71,000-100,000 words — $150
Over 100,000 — $200+ (email for quote)

WIP Review

Need some help finishing your WIP? Characters stop talking to you? Are you stuck on a plot point? Finished or near finished but something’s not quite right? This is the same as a read and respond but includes more targeted feedback and a 30 phone call/brainstorming/coaching session (can also be split into two 15-min calls). All stages of stories are welcome from outline to partially finished to complete.

Under 40,000 words — $100
40,000-70,000 words — $125
71,000-100,000 words –$175
Over 100,000 — $250+ (email for quote)

Full Critiques

I have a limited amount of full critique spots with (generally) a four week turnaround, though I can try to make accommodations for deadlines. These include in-text and chapter-by-chapter notes. It does not include full copy editing, but if I catch something, I’ll fix it. I’ll also work with you on problem spots.

Under 40,000 words — email for quote
40,000-70,000 words — $200
71,000-100,000 words — $250
Over 100,000 — $300+ (email for quote)

MG/YA Beta

I have an YA-age MG/YA beta who is available for bookings. She and I work together to give you an in-depth critique of your MS. (Her words/thoughts, I’m there mostly to make sure the feedback addresses your specific needs and topics so that you get feedback that is useful to you, however, I may add “notes from mom” from time to time.) It’s a more involved process, since we read the book out loud, and it takes a little longer (about 2-3 months for a standard length MG, possibly longer due to homework and such). Read & Respond rates start at $150, which goes to her activity fund, contact me for details. (These do not include in-line edits, they are summary/overview.)